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CP-KC All Aluminum Ground Mounting System

Basement: concrete blocks and ground screw
The Inclination Angle: within 60 degrees
The Maxinum Wind Speed: 60m/s
Snow Load: within 1.5m
Applicable Module: framed of frameless
Solar Panel Direction: horizontal or portrait
Material: Aluminum&stainless steel 304
Guarantee Years: 10 years
Service Years: 25 years
Color: natural color(silver) or the customized
Surface Preparation: anodizing&stainless


Corigy CP-KC All Aluminum Mount Systems are highly flexible on design, it can be used in many types of solar installations, ground mounting, concrete roof mounting and tin roof mounting. The anodized aluminum brackets are more resistant to corrosion and durability.



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product : CP-KC All Aluminum Ground Mounting System

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