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10 Top Roof Solar Energy Questions to Ask- Get the Answers You Need

Nov 03, 2020

Corigy Solar's PV mounting system supplier

1. Will the panels reflect light and affect the neighbors?

The photovoltaic modules are basically made of coated glass, with a transmittance of more than 93%. Most of the light sources will be absorbed, which will not cause light pollution and affect the neighbors.

2. Will the modules get electric shock after thunder?

No, the photovoltaic system has lightning protection and grounding measures.

3. Is it necessary to disconnect the photovoltaic power generation system in thunderstorm weather?

Distributed photovoltaic power systems are equipped with lightning protection devices, so it is not necessary to disconnect them. For the sake of safety, it is suggested to disconnect the circuit breaker switch of the combiner box and cut off the circuit connection with the photovoltaic module, so as to avoid the direct lightning stroke which cannot be removed by the lightning protection module.

4. Will the panel generate radiation?

Photovoltaic power generation system is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect to convert solar energy into electrical energy, so it will not produce pollution and radiation. Inverter, power distribution cabinet and other electronic devices have passed the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test, so there is no harm to human body.

5. How to clean photovoltaic modules?

Rain washes PV modules, so no special maintenance is required. If there is attached dirt on the panels, you can simply wipe it with a wet soft cloth soaked with water.

6. Is there any risk of electric shock when wiping with water?

There is no danger to wipe with water. The photovoltaic power generation system and modules have insulation and grounding protection. However, in order to avoid electric shock injury to people and possible damage to modules caused by wiping under high temperature and strong light, it is recommended to clean the modules in the morning or late afternoon.

7. Can you step on the modules for cleaning?

The modules are load-bearing, but they can't be cleaned by stepping on them, which will cause cracks and damage to the modules and affect the service life and power generation contribution of the modules.

8. Is there a lack of electricity when it's cold in winter?

The radiation intensity, sunshine duration and the working temperature of photovoltaic modules directly affect the power generation. In winter, the irradiation intensity will be weak and the sunshine duration will be short, so the power generation will be less than that in summer. However, the distributed photovoltaic power generation system will be connected to the power grid. As long as the grid has power, the household load will not be short of power and power failure.

9. Will installing solar panels damage the roof?

If installed correctly and done by professionals, your home roof will not be damaged. In fact, the correct installation of the roof photovoltaic system can protect the roof from damage. Some panels can even make your roof look more beautiful and cool.

Corigy Solar can provide different installation design, whether the module is horizontal or vertical, can design appropriate and beautiful scheme.

10. Can you install the solar mounting system by yourself?

Although you can DIY your own rooftop PV system, it is best to seek the help of a professional installation team. Because professionals can easily locate the panel on your roof without causing any damage to the roof. In addition, the placement of panels is essential to ensure that they are exposed to the sun to the maximum extent possible, and these factors can be considered by the professional team.

Whether for home roof solar mounting system installation, or for large commercial roof PV structure, a good installation bracket can make the whole PV system have a longer service life, and can save a lot of later maintenance work.

Corigy Solar's PV mounting system is of high quality and rich accessories, which is suitable for different types of roof photovoltaic installation. Moreover, Corigy Solar always puts the customer's requirements first, and can customize products according to various requirements of customers.

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