Product Categories
Balcony Mounting System

Install solar panel on balcony fence by Corigy balcony hooks

RV Mounting System

Portable easy install solar panel mounting bracket for RV or yacht

Solar Mounting Accessories

Solar mounting accessories such as end/mid clamp, cable clip, grounding items, etc.

Flat Roof Mounting System

Flat roof solar panel mounting system, such as ballast mount, east-west ballast mount, etc.

Tile Roof Mounting System

Install solar panels on tile roof by hooks and L foot etc.

Metal Roof Mounting System

Install solar panel on the metal roof by standing seam, klip-lok, L foot or other clamps.

Ground Mounting System

Mainly made by galvanized steel, anodized aluminum and ZAM materials

Carport Mounting System

Carbon Steel Solar Carport Mounting Structure

Grounding Screw

Grounding screw for ground mounting structure


Years of experience

CORIGY SOLAR, 11 years experience of research, manufacture and sale of solar mounting system, residential battery pack solution and residential energy storage system. We are always trying to provide the best support for you, including fast response, cost, QC, design,distributor support. Integrating R&D, mass production, sale&service under one roof, CORIGY SOLAR provides you with our one stop turn-key service.    So far, CORIGY SOLAR has provided solar mounting systems for more than 3GW solar projects, 40,000 kWh battery products and more than 30MW residential energy storage system worldwide. CORIGY SOLAR is proud of its contribution in helping people know the benefits and usage of renewable energy globally. In cooperation with CORIGY SOLAR, there is no worries about quality, after-sales or delivery time. You only have to focus on your market expansion. ◆All solar storage systems will be pre-assembled and tested before shipping, ensuring all inverters and batteries can match each other. Perfect matching between inverter and battery can greatly increase system stability and efficiency. ◆CORIGY SOLAR provides one-stop solution for complete solar power storage system, which can save you lots of time&cost on communication, products transportation and after-sales. ◆Advanced MPPT technology in CORIGY SO LAR power storage systems. Efficiency is up to 99.9% ◆CORIGY SOLAR battery module is equipped with IR&D BMS, ensuring safe&stable operation of battery. ◆CORIGY SOLAR offers various solutions for mounting systems, solving all different PV modules installation scenarios for you. CORIGY SOLAR always provides products to meet the needs of customers who are committed to the solar industry. We provide high efficiency residential hybrid&off-grid solar systems, battery pack solution, PV inverter, ground mounting bracket, roof mounting bracket, solar carport bracket and various customized products according to customer requirements, as well as high-quality OEM services. Samples can be provided free of charge if necessary.

MW Projects installed
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CORIGY SOLAR delivered 240MWp ground mounting system within 4 months
CORIGY SOLAR delivered 240MWp ground mounting system within 4 months

CORIGY SOLAR delivered 240MWp solar ground mounting system in Vietnam with quality and quantity guaranteed in 4 months, which was highly praised by customers. CORIGY SOLAR participated in the design and quotation of 240MWp solar ground mounting system in Vietnam at the end of 2018, and competed with many peers around the world. The customer finally decided to cooperate with CORIGY SOLAR in consideration of the company's strength, customer service, product design, delivery date and other aspects. According to the project site requirements, we designed a solar panel support solution of aluminum alloy (6005-T5) and 304 stainless steel bolts for customers, and adopted a double V-shaped high pre-assembly structure according to the customer's solar panel layout. Customer was very satisfied with the solution and lower than the customer's procurement budget. CORIGY SOLAR delivered the ground mounting system in a short time, and reached zero customer complaint from the beginning to the end of delivery, which fully demonstrating that we are a professional R&D, manufacture, sale and service of solar mounting system. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail:

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 CORIGY SOALR complete 1.3MW solar carport in china
CORIGY SOALR complete 1.3MW solar carport in china

The project is based on the customer building a solar carport on the basis of the new parking lot. After comparing several products and other suppliers, the customer finally selected the aluminum alloy solar carport provided by CORIGY SOLAR, and has been successfully connected to the grid in last month. The project size is 1.3MW. At the beginning of the design, the solar carport made of CORIGY SOLAR aluminum carport is adopted in the project. The product has the advantages of easy and fast installation, beautiful appearance and Anti-corrosion, which is highly praised and favored by customers. CORIGY SOLAR more efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail:

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R& D

Our professional and experienced engineer team to support our sales team and our customers to develop larger markets

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