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Ground Mounting System

Mainly made by galvanized steel, anodized aluminum and ZAM materials

Flat Roof mounting System

Suitable for tile roof, tin roof and flat roof etc

Metal Roof Mounting System

Suitable for water surface installation

Tile Roof Mounting System

Waterproof carport, made by carbon steel or aluminum material

Solar Accessories

Supply OEM service and accessories. No quantities limitation, and free samples if you need


Years of experience

CORIGY SOLAR, 11 years experience of research, manufacture and sale of solar mounting system. We are always trying to provide the best support for you, including fast response, cost, QC, design, distributor support.   With our professional team, we have completed many large-scale projects of megawatt range around the world.  We are proud that more than 3GW solar project from worldwide used CORIGY SOLAR solar mounting systems.    In cooperation with CORIGY SOLAR, your product quality will meet the leading highest standard.   ◆Our carbon steel will be hot dip galvanized with an average thickness 80 micron (µ). ◆All aluminum profiles are made of 6005 or 6063 with surface protection anodic oxidation 12-15 micron (µ). ◆Hooks and bolts are made of stainless steel 304. ◆Now we also provide aluminum, magnesium and zinc plating to replace hot-dip galvanized carbon steel. This new material has the following advantages: ①It has stronger corrosion resistance compared with ordinary hot-dip galvanized steel; ② It can be shipped directly after plate forming and processing, without hot-dip galvanizing, green and environmental protection, stable quality, excellent appearance; ③ Excellent self-healing ability, no need to protect the processing section of the plate, and no fear of general scratches during installation, transportation and use;④Lower comprehensive cost of the product and lower later maintenance cost based on excellent product performance. CORIGY SOLAR deeply realizes that without good product quality and service quality, enterprises will not be able to develop. Therefore, CORIGY SOLAR regards quality control as the foundation of the company's development and strictly implements the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system CORIGY SOLAR always provides products to meet the needs of customers who are committed to the solar industry. We provide ground mounting bracket, roof mounting bracket, solar carport bracket, floating mounting bracket and various customized products according to customer requirements, as well as high-quality OEM services. Samples can be provided free of charge if necessary   CORIGY SOLAR has completed the 240MWp high pre-assembled ground project within four months, and we have also completed the 150MW ground and roof project within these four months, so our production capacity can reach 100MW in one month, and the defective rate in these four months is less than one thousandth.     CORIGY SOLAR dedicated to research, manufacture and sale of solar mounting system, such as ground mounting system, roof mounting system, solar carport system, floating mounting system etc. CORIGY SOLAR Values: Quality. Integrity. Enterprising .Win-win. CORIGY SOLAR Vision: To become a leading enterprise group in photovoltaic industry. CORIGY SOLAR Mission: Striving for all mankind to use new energy.

MW Projects installed
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CORIGY SOLAR delivered 240MWp ground mounting system within 4 months
CORIGY SOLAR delivered 240MWp ground mounting system within 4 months

CORIGY SOLAR delivered 240MWp solar ground mounting system in Vietnam with quality and quantity guaranteed in 4 months, which was highly praised by customers. CORIGY SOLAR participated in the design and quotation of 240MWp solar ground mounting system in Vietnam at the end of 2018, and competed with many peers around the world. The customer finally decided to cooperate with CORIGY SOLAR in consideration of the company's strength, customer service, product design, delivery date and other aspects. According to the project site requirements, we designed a solar panel support solution of aluminum alloy (6005-T5) and 304 stainless steel bolts for customers, and adopted a double V-shaped high pre-assembly structure according to the customer's solar panel layout. Customer was very satisfied with the solution and lower than the customer's procurement budget. CORIGY SOLAR delivered the ground mounting system in a short time, and reached zero customer complaint from the beginning to the end of delivery, which fully demonstrating that we are a professional R&D, manufacture, sale and service of solar mounting system. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail:

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 CORIGY SOALR complete 1.3MW solar carport in china
CORIGY SOALR complete 1.3MW solar carport in china

The project is based on the customer building a solar carport on the basis of the new parking lot. After comparing several products and other suppliers, the customer finally selected the aluminum alloy solar carport provided by CORIGY SOLAR, and has been successfully connected to the grid in last month. The project size is 1.3MW. At the beginning of the design, the solar carport made of CORIGY SOLAR aluminum carport is adopted in the project. The product has the advantages of easy and fast installation, beautiful appearance and Anti-corrosion, which is highly praised and favored by customers.

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Our professional and experienced engineer team to support our sales team and our customers to develop larger markets

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