• CORIGY SOLAR delivered 240MWp ground mounting system within 4 months
    Dec 18, 2019

    CORIGY SOLAR delivered 240MWp solar ground mounting system in Vietnam with quality and quantity guaranteed in 4 months, which was highly praised by customers. CORIGY SOLAR participated in the design and quotation of 240MWp solar ground mounting system in Vietnam at the end of 2018, and competed with many peers around the world. The customer finally decided to cooperate with CORIGY SOLAR in consideration of the company's strength, customer service, product design, delivery date and other aspects. According to the project site requirements, we designed a solar panel support solution of aluminum alloy (6005-T5) and 304 stainless steel bolts for customers, and adopted a double V-shaped high pre-assembly structure according to the customer's solar panel layout. Customer was very satisfied with the solution and lower than the customer's procurement budget. CORIGY SOLAR delivered the ground mounting system in a short time, and reached zero customer complaint from the beginning to the end of delivery, which fully demonstrating that we are a professional R&D, manufacture, sale and service of solar mounting system. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  •  CORIGY SOALR complete 1.3MW solar carport in china
    Jul 03, 2020

    The project is based on the customer building a solar carport on the basis of the new parking lot. After comparing several products and other suppliers, the customer finally selected the aluminum alloy solar carport provided by CORIGY SOLAR, and has been successfully connected to the grid in last month. The project size is 1.3MW. At the beginning of the design, the solar carport made of CORIGY SOLAR aluminum carport is adopted in the project. The product has the advantages of easy and fast installation, beautiful appearance and Anti-corrosion, which is highly praised and favored by customers. CORIGY SOLAR more efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • CORIGY SOLAR wins the praise and recommendation of many customers
    Apr 19, 2020

    CORIGY SOLAR, 11 years experience of research, manufacture and sale of solar mounting system. We are always trying to provide the best support for you, including fast response, cost, QC, design, distributor support. With our professional team, we have completed many large-scale projects of hundred megawatt range around the world. More than 3 gigawatts of solar energy projects use the CORIGY SOLAR solar installation system from all over the world, and have been praised and praised by many customers. We are proud of such achievements! CORIGY SOLAR more efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • How to design and choose solar pv mounting systems in coastal areas
    Oct 26, 2021

    The design and selection of solar panel mounting brackets in coastal areas must first consider the impact of typhoons. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider other natural factors such as humidity, severe salinization and corrosion, and high temperatures in the coastal areas. To resist the damage of typhoons The situation shown in the picture above can be inferred that the foundation of the mounting structure is too small. And the foundation is not effectively connected to the roof. Also, the height of the solar panel mounting systems is too high. The height of the two vertically placed modules is more than 4 meters, so the back side of the solar mounting brackets will subjected to a large wind pressure and easy to blow over. To resist the damage of typhoons, first of all, a very strong solar panel fixing brackets is required. The general materials of solar panel racking system are aluminum alloy and carbon steel. Corigy can provide both type of those materials with different surface treatment. Theoretically, the maximum wind resistance of the solar mounting system solutions designed by Corigy can reach 216 km/h. If it is installed on the roof, the foundation must be firm. The counterweight is generally a cement foundation. The cement foundation must fully consider the load of the building. At the same time, it must meet the requirements of wind load and snow load. Corigy's engineers team can help customers calculate the appropriate counterweight to avoid customers’ worries. To resist the damage of moisture and salinization Q235B steel or Aluminum Alloy materials have excellent corrosion resistance. For brackets in coastal areas we even use Q345B material. In addition to the material, the thickness of the material and the thickness of the galvanized layer are also very important. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the structure should not be less than 2.5 mm, the thickness of the galvanized layer should not be less than 65 microns. And the surface of the zinc layer should be evently, free of burrs, overburn, ash and scars and other defects. There must be no zinc tumors that affect the installation. The zinc layer of the thread should be smooth, and the bolt connection should be able to be screwed in. In addition, our new material, Al-Zn-Mg coating steel is becoming more and more popular as solar panel mounting structure in coastal areas. To resist the damage of high temperatures The temperature in coastal areas is generally higher, and the temperature has a great influence on photovoltaic modules。 Install the bracket a little higher, so that the bracket has a little bit away from the roof. So as to ensure ventilation and increase power generation. The installation location of the photovoltaic power station is also important. And it is necessary to consider the installation location, installation orientation, installation angle, load requirements, and arrangement and spacing. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar ...

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  • 5 Tips For Solar Panel Roof Mount
    Sep 16, 2021

    Tip1: Which type of solar panel roof mounting brackets to choose Installation methods of photovoltaic modules are different for different roof type, common installation methods include attached type, ballast type and pile foundation type. Attached type is the best choose for Caigang tiles roof. Laying the modules on the roof directly has the best windproof effect and more safety. In addition, the tile roof also has a certain inclination. Although it may not be the best inclination corresponding to photovoltaic power generation, but the transformation cost caused by increasing the inclination also needs to be considered comprehensively. For cement roofs, the common installation methods are ballast type and concrete foundation pile type. In many cases, building owners are not allowed to drill holes on the concrete flat roof. On the one hand, they are worried about the strength of the old building, on the other hand, they don’t want to change the waterproof performance of the roof. This is the reason for choosing ballast type or concrete foundation installation. Since the ballast type is not anchored to the roof, a windshield can be considered to be added on the side. The main purpose of the concrete foundation is to ensure that the flat roof solar racking remains intact even during stormy seasons. It ensures a good installation without causing roof leaks, and can also improve the efficiency of solar cell modules Tip2: Flat roof does not mean tile installation It seems the most ideal way to install photovoltaic modules on a flat roof is using tiled methods. This method not only maximizes the installation area, but also allows the photovoltaic panel to be used as a roof top to increase the space area. But in fact, installing photovoltaics on a flat roof does not mean that you should set its inclination to 0 degrees. We need to consider many factors and should avoid tile installation. These factors include: 1. Tiled components are easy to accumulate dust, which may cause 10% or even 30% of power generation loss; 2. It is inconvenient to clean, and the ponding is not easy to flow out; 3. Compared with inclined installation, the power generation will be reduced; 4. The payback period of investment will be longer; 5. It may not be possible to remove dust accumulation by rainfall; Tip3: Flat roof solar mount must consider wind speed In the design phase of the solar mounting system, the maximum wind speed that may occur in the local area must be considered, especially in areas where the wind speed exceeds 180 kilometers per hour. Ordinary flat-roof solar power generation systems can withstand wind speeds of 160 km/h. But if wind protection is not considered between the arrays, the instantaneous wind speed caused by the airflow in a local area will far exceed the actual wind speed. Therefore, the selection of solar mounting brackets, structural design, ballast or concrete foundation strength design must rely on the recommendations of professional organizati...

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  • The benefits of installing solar panel on the roof
    Aug 19, 2021

    Solar panel roof mounting systems is very popular. In 2020, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic roofs worldwide will reach 60GW. Installing solar roof rack system is not only a new trend, but can also bring benefits to companies and residential buildings. The principle of photovoltaic roof cooling First of all, photovoltaic modules reflect heat. The light irradiates the solar photovoltaic module, part of them are absorbs by the photovoltaic module and converts into electric energy, and the other part is reflected by the photovoltaic module. Secondly, the photovoltaic module refracts the sunlight, and the sunlight attenuates after the refraction Finally, photovoltaic modules form a shelter on the roof. High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon modules and polycrystalline silicon modules can form a sheltered area on the roof to insulate and cool the roof. According to the test of relevant professional institutions, the building with roof-mounted photovoltaic power station can lower the indoor temperature by 5-8 degrees than the building without installation. Benefits 1. Cool down the physical temperature of the plant The summer heat in the factory is unbearable, and the factory is often faced with power cuts, which seriously affects the factory's production schedule. The installation of solar photovoltaic can not only provide the power required for production to the factory, but also play a role in heat insulation and shading, and physically cool the plant. 2. Reduce enterprise energy consumption The average temperature of a roof with solar panels in summer will be 2℃-4℃ lower than that of the unpaved roof. And the energy consumption of air-conditioning can be reduced by 30%-40%. 3. Improve the working environment of employees After the plant temperature drops, it can greatly prevent workers from heatstroke, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Corigy provide various solar panel roof mounting structure, inquiry is welcome. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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