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  • How are solar panels installed on tile roof?
    Dec 22, 2022

    Installing solar panels on a tile roof can be a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. It's generally best to hire a professional solar panel installation company to handle the installation for you. These companies have the expertise and equipment necessary to safely and effectively install solar roof mounting system. Here are the general steps involved in roof solar mounting: · Perform a site assessment: A professional solar panel installation company will visit your home to assess the location and orientation of your roof, as well as the amount of sunlight it receives. They will also assess the structural integrity of the roof to ensure it can support the weight of the panels. · Determine the size and number of panels: Based on the site assessment, the installation company will determine the optimal size and number of solar panels for your specific needs. · Obtain necessary permits: Depending on where you live, you may need to obtain building permits or permission from your homeowner's association to install solar panels on your roof. The installation company can help you with this process. · Remove and replace damaged tiles: If necessary, the installation company will remove and replace any damaged tiles on the roof to ensure a stable surface for the solar panels. · Install mounting hardware: The installation company will attach mounting brackets to the roof to hold the solar panels in place. These brackets will need to be secured to the roof's structure in a way that can withstand wind and other weather conditions. · Install the panels: The panels will be placed on the mounting brackets and connected to an inverter, which converts the electricity generated by the panels into a form that can be used in your home. The panels will also be connected to your home's electrical system. · Test and commission the system: Once the installation is complete, the installation company will test the system to ensure it is functioning properly. They will also provide you with information on how to maintain and care for the panels to ensure they continue to operate efficiently. It's important to note that the specifics of the installation process will vary depending on the specific type of solar panel system being installed, the location and orientation of the roof, and other factors. A professional installation company will be able to provide you with more detailed information on the specific steps involved in installing solar panels on your tile roof. CORIGY is a professional mounting structure supplier with more than ten years of experience in the photovoltaic field. And CORIGY have a professional engineering team, which can design the most suitable installation scheme according to the actual situation of the installation site, such as wind speed and snow load. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone...

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  • How to choose roof solar panel mounts?
    Nov 11, 2022

    In the last few years, purchasing a solar panel has become easier. Yet, it still challenging to find helpful information on solar panel racking and mounting systems. Solar panel mounts are used to integrate your solar panel system. There are many variations available for you to choose, no matter your roof solar system or ground mounting system. Here we will provide an expert review of solar panel mounting solutions for roofs. What is solar panel mounting and racking? Photovoltaic mounting systems (also called solar module racking) are used to fix solar panel on surfaces like roofs, building facades, or the ground. These mounting systems generally enable retrofitting of solar panels on roofs or as part of the structure of the building (called BIPV). What are the key components of a solar racking system? Solar panel mounting system has 3 main components: * Roof attachments * Module clamps * Mounting rails Each component plays a important role in supporting your panels, to ensure you get a firm structure and make sure you get the most amount of solar power. Roof attachments The roof attachments are used to drilled into your roof to secure the mounting system in place. The holes these drills create will be surrounded EPDM washer, to prevent water from getting into the hole. Yet, roof attachments are different for each roof type. Module clamps The module clamps connect the mounting rails to the drilled-in roof attachments. There are different models of clamp types for various angle and corner of the solar panel. Mounting rails The mounting rail connected to the roof attachments by module clamps that will then support the solar panels. And the rails can be secured to most roof angles. Where to buy solar panel mounts? DIY solar system is popular now, If DIY is the route you want to go, you can choose the adjustable solar mount. CORIGY's solar mount with the adjusted angle , and it is quite easy to install. Even you can take out for camping electric power. Corigy can also provide multiple mounting systems for pitched roof, tin roof, flat roof, wall, RV roof and balcony. In terms of security, Corigy has a professional engineering team, which can provide you with more appropriate installation solutions. And calculate its stability under different wind and snow loads for you. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • How to choose a solar panel structure to ensure the safety of photovoltaic power stations
    Nov 04, 2022

    As a structure that supports panels and other electrical components, solar panel structure is like the "skeleton" of photovoltaic power stations. The quality plays a vital role in the safety and stability of the entire photovoltaic power plant. During the construction of photovoltaic power stations, how should we choose the appropriate solar panel structure to better ensure the safety of photovoltaic power plants? 1. Material selection The selection of solar energy structure is fundamental. High -quality materials can ensure the strength and stability of the bracket. At present, the most common materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, magnesium -plated aluminum zinc, etc. At the same time, different surface treatment methods will be used to obtain corresponding corrosion resistance and increase the overall service life of photovoltaic power stations. Corigy’s structure usually adopt AL-6005-T5 anodized aluminum, Q235B hot-dip galvanizing steel or Al-Mg-Zn coated steel. Both of them are all have a good anti-corrosive performance. 2. Install method In different application scenarios, solar panels build structure have different installation and fixed methods. For example, the ground photovoltaic system has fixed methods such as cement pile foundation, prefabricated pile foundation, spiral ground piles, and hammers into ground piles. The roof photovoltaic system adopts different fixed methods according to the type of roof. Regardless of the application scenario, according to the characteristics of the installation location, the photovoltaic system and the environment must be scientifically fused to ensure that the system has sufficient strength and stability. 3. Structural design Excellent structural design can ensure the strength and stability of the photovoltaic system, and to withstand wind, snow load and other external effects. Through the scientific structural design, the system's tensile strength is high and has high plasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance, so that the structure has a strong ability to resist external environment changes. Corigy’s engineer team have rich project experience and has designed for 50MW, 120MW, 240MW and other large projects.

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  • How to prevent water when installing the roof solar mounting systems
    Oct 28, 2022

    The roof can be roughly divided into glazed roofs, concrete flat roofs, and color steel tile roofs. Waterproof is an important factor for the installation of rooftop solar mounting systems. The general principle of rooftop solar mounting structure design waterproof treatment is to ensure that the node treatment can smoothly let the water diarrhea go out when the rainstorm is accumulated and ensure that the roof is not leaked. 1. The waterproof of rooftop solar mounting structure on concrete flat rooftop For concrete flat roofs, ballast design is a good solution. The design does not need to be drilling holes on the roof. When installing, pay attention to the base of the bracket is not vertically arranged with the drainage direction, and does not hinder the rainwater discharge of the roof 2. The waterproof of rooftop solar mounting structure on color steel tile rooftop and glazed rooftop For the sloping roof of the upper tile, the punching depth should be confirmed. After the bolt is fixed, the bolt through the tiles should be used for good treatment. The bolt must be equipped with a weather -resistant waterproof pad, and after the bolt is fixed, the screw must be applied to the screw with high -quality neutral weather -resistant glue. For color steel, non -permeable standing seam and klip-lok clamp can be adopted. Corigy provides various non -permeable rooftop solar mounting structure design for different customer’s need. Welcome to contact us for more information. CORIGY SOLAR more efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here!CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • What is the prospect of the European photovoltaic market in the future
    Oct 13, 2022

    Among the global wave of energy transformation, Europe is undoubtedly the most active market for renewable energy. Under the fossil energy supply crisis caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it has accelerated the energy transformation of European regions and continued to increase the demand for solar power system. According to PV Infolink's analysis of China's customs export data, a total of 49.0GW components were exported within four months in 2022, of which a photovoltaic component of 24.4GW was exported to Europe, accounting for 50%. It has grown 144%, the growth is quite significant, and the export volume of Europe has shown a monthly growth trend. It has not reduced due to the increase in the price increase of this year, showing that the region has a strong demand for solar energy system. Except that the German government announced that it would accelerate the deployment of renewable energy after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is expected to reach 100%of renewable energy in 2035. At the same time, it is announced that 20GW is announced every year from 2028. The REPOWEREU PLAN announced by the EU Executive Committee will be installed in the EU countries in 2025 to reach 320GW. And in 2030, it will reach 600GW. At the same time, it is proposed that starting in 2026, the newly -built public and general buildings will gradually mandate the roof type photovoltaic. With the support of policy support, it has greatly stimulated the needs of the European market, and the European photovoltaic market will still be a region with a strong future growth. Corigy provides various solution of solar mounting structure for both ground and rooftop, welcome to contact us for most suitable solution for you. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • Impact of pitch on solar PV
    Sep 22, 2022

    The angle of which the solar panel mounting system are pitched is important. Not only does it affect the panel to get the highest efficiency, but also cause the power generation loss of the panel. Problems with flat installation The flat installation mentioned here does not necessarily mean that the installation surface has an absolute zero inclination. Usually, the installation with an inclination angle of less than 10 degrees is understood as a flat installation. Most of the photovoltaic modules installed flat have a problem, that is, the lower edge of the frame is easy to accumulate dust. And it cannot be discharged with rainwater, so it must be actively cleaned regularly. The fundamental reason for the accumulation of dust on the lower edge of the frame is that the inclination angle is too low, and the horizontal height of the frame has been higher than the glass at the cell, resulting in the inability of the muddy water to be effectively discharged. When the water evaporates, thick mud is left behind. This thick layer of mud will seriously affect the power generation of the blocked cells, and also affect the entire string of cells. The power generation loss of the modules will exceed 50%. Usually, when the inclination angle is greater than 10 degrees, it is steep enough to allow the muddy water to drain, at least not to block the glass on the surface of the cell. Therefore, most component manufacturers will recommend installation at an inclination angle greater than 10 degrees. However, the inclination of most color steel tile roofs is between 3-8 degrees. The brackets are generally installed parallel to the roof. If you want to avoid this problem, then the following design of Corigy is your best choose. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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