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  • Impact of pitch on solar PV
    Sep 22, 2022

    The angle of which the solar panel mounting system are pitched is important. Not only does it affect the panel to get the highest efficiency, but also cause the power generation loss of the panel. Problems with flat installation The flat installation mentioned here does not necessarily mean that the installation surface has an absolute zero inclination. Usually, the installation with an inclination angle of less than 10 degrees is understood as a flat installation. Most of the photovoltaic modules installed flat have a problem, that is, the lower edge of the frame is easy to accumulate dust. And it cannot be discharged with rainwater, so it must be actively cleaned regularly. The fundamental reason for the accumulation of dust on the lower edge of the frame is that the inclination angle is too low, and the horizontal height of the frame has been higher than the glass at the cell, resulting in the inability of the muddy water to be effectively discharged. When the water evaporates, thick mud is left behind. This thick layer of mud will seriously affect the power generation of the blocked cells, and also affect the entire string of cells. The power generation loss of the modules will exceed 50%. Usually, when the inclination angle is greater than 10 degrees, it is steep enough to allow the muddy water to drain, at least not to block the glass on the surface of the cell. Therefore, most component manufacturers will recommend installation at an inclination angle greater than 10 degrees. However, the inclination of most color steel tile roofs is between 3-8 degrees. The brackets are generally installed parallel to the roof. If you want to avoid this problem, then the following design of Corigy is your best choose. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • Where is the best place for home inverter to install?
    Sep 16, 2022

    Solar power inverter can convert the variable DC voltage produced by solar panels to AC frequency of mains frequency. It can be fed back to the commercial transmission system or for use in off-grid grids. Solar power inverter is one of the important balance of system (BOS) in solar system, which can be used with general AC power supply equipment. Solar inverters have special functions for solar power system, such as maximum power point tracking and islanding protection. Where is the best place for home inverter to installed? 1. Installed on the mounting structure The installation scheme of common ground distributed projects can be installed under a certain string of components nearby. And the equipment can be directly fixed on the column using fixed bracket installation or hoop-type installation. This solution requires the strength of the bracket and the height of the solar power inverter from the ground, so as to prevent the equipment from being placed too low to flood in rainy days. 2. Installed on the roof For every 10℃ increase in ambient temperature, the life of electronic devices is halved. For this type of installation, if the inverter is exposed to the hot sun for a long time, the internal temperature of the inverter will increase greatly, which will seriously affect the life of the key components of the inverter. It is recommended to add a awning to the inverter to avoid direct sunlight. The vertical installation of the inverter on the flat roof will cause shadows, so when installing the equipment, try to install the components outside the shadow range of the inverter to avoid shadowing of the components. 3. Install on the wall The PV inverter must be placed in a well-ventilated space. The inverter is divided into two types: forced air cooling and natural heat dissipation. The inverter itself is a heat source, and all the heat must be dissipated in time and cannot be placed in a closed space, otherwise the temperature will rise higher and higher. There should have enough space to install and move the inverter. There should be at least a 50cm space above and below the inverter. The inverter that enters and exits the air from the left and right should be a space distance of more than 100cm on both sides. When installing, it should be at a suitable height from the ground so that the LED display can be observed and read. Corigy provides inverter with different power which can need the need of different customer. Welcome to contact us for more information. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • What is the advantages of household solar power system
    Sep 09, 2022

    Solar power system refers to the use of photoelectric properties of photovoltaic materials to convert the radiation energy of light into electrical energy (DC), and then merge it into the three-phase AC power grid through the inverter to generate new energy.  Different from the high power and wide area of large photovoltaic power stations, household solar power system refers to placing photovoltaic panels on the top floor of a family house or in a courtyard, using low power or micro-inverters for the commutation process, and directly using the energy. It can also integrate excess electric energy into the grid. 1. Loss reduction and cost reduction. Photovoltaic power is located on the user side, and the power generation is supplied to the load, which can effectively reduce the dependence on power grid power supply, reduce line loss, and save the user's electricity consumption. Surplus internet access and full internet access earnings can be obtained. 2. Low threshold. The construction threshold is low. Making full use of existing buildings or using photovoltaic cells as building materials can effectively reducing the floor space of photovoltaic power plants. 3. Independent operation. Effective interface with smart grid and micro grid can flexible operation. And can operate independently from the grid under appropriate conditions. 4. Green and environmental protection. The photovoltaic power station installed on the roof not only has the effect of heat insulation, cooling and beauty, but also can create green income. Corigy provides household solar power system, if you have a need welcome to contact me. CORIGY SOLAR more efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here!CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • Australia needs 10GW of battery storage systems for homes by 2030
    Sep 01, 2022

    Research shows that with more than 3 million rooftop solar system deployed in Australia, rooftop PV power generation will surpass coal-fired power generation by 2025. Australia has installed so much capacity rooftop solar system and large-scale PV plants that electricity generation typically exceeds electricity demand by midday each day. The introduction of battery storage system home could bring greater value to electricity consumers. And will bring greater improvements in power reliability and affordability. Australia benefits most from battery energy storage system Among developed countries, Australia is likely to benefit the most from residential battery storage. 1. Australia is very suitable for developing rooftop photovoltaic systems because of the following reasons. · High levels of solar radiation; · Low-density housing provides ample roof space for photovoltaic systems; · The utilization rate of rooftop photovoltaic systems is already very high, and the photovoltaic installation industry is also very efficient and reduces costs 2. High-cost power grid distribution system; 3. The high cost of natural gas power generation (relative to North American countries) and the climate well suited to the use of heat pumps make it highly cost-effective to fully electrify homes. CORIGY SOLAR more efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here!CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • How solar inverter cope with high temperature weather
    Aug 19, 2022

    The power generation of photovoltaic power plants is determined by many factors. The inverter is usually installed outdoors, even in direct sunlight, and the internal temperature of the inverter will increase accordingly in the high temperature environment in summer. The high temperature environment may also cause the inverter to over-temperature and load-drop protection, affecting the power generation of the power station. Therefore, the heat dissipation performance of the inverter is one of the important factors affecting the power generation efficiency and service life. How solar inverter cope with high temperature weather 1. Ensure smooth air circulation around the inverter. Do not install the inverter in a small and closed environment. If multiple inverters are installed on the same place, it is necessary to ensure sufficient distance between each inverter. This not only It can ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation of the inverter, and there is enough operating space for later maintenance. 2. Although the protection level of the inverter is IP66 or IP65, it can prolong the service life of the inverter by reducing the chance of the inverter being exposed to wind, sun and rain. When installing the inverter, you can choose to install it at the bottom of the solar panels or under the eaves. If the inverter is installed on the roof of the color steel tile, it is recommended to install the awning synchronously, which can not only shelter from the wind and rain, but also reduce the direct sunlight. 3. After the inverter is installed, it is necessary to pay attention to the later maintenance. Regularly clean the fan, fan cover or heat sink to ensure the heat dissipation and cooling of the inverter. Usually, intelligent air cooling technology is used to dissipate the heat of the inverter, and the fan will intelligently adjust the speed according to the internal temperature of the inverter. When the inverter works in a high temperature environment, the intelligent air cooling technology can effectively reduce the probability of load reduction and ensure that the  inverter can run stably while extending the service life of the fan. CORIGY SOLAR more efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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  • How to avoid solar power system accidents
    Aug 12, 2022

    News about the solar power system being flooded, struck by lightning, and on fire frequently appeared. In fact, in many cases, small problems caused major disasters. What should I do if the inverter is flooded in rainy days? In rainy areas, if the inverter is not tightly sealed, water may enter the inverter. Generally, inverters are waterproof and water entry is rare. But in order to prevent this from happening, you need to pay attention to the following points. 1. The inverter comes with a sealing plug to be firmly fixed. After the cover is opened, check whether the sealing tape is damaged, and tighten the screws when closing the cover. 2. The waterproof sealing ring of the AC terminal should be tightened. 3. The inverter is best installed under the eaves. How to prevent the solar power system from being struck by lightning? When a solar power station is struck by lightning, it is first necessary to check whether the lightning protection system of the system is in good condition. The most widely effective lightning protection method is to connect the metal parts of electrical equipment to the earth. How to prevent photovoltaic power plants from collapsing? When the solar power station is blown off by the wind, the reason is generally that the counterweight is not enough, and the quality of the solar mounting bracket or other accessories is not good. Corigy’s solar mounting bracket is design by professional engineer and use high quality materials which ensure that the bracket is not blown over. CORIGY SOLAR more professional and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here! CONTACT US! Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department Phone: +0086-592-6883200 E-mail: sales@corigy.com

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