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/88.5KW CP-KC-W Aluminum Ground Mounting System

88.5KW CP-KC-W Aluminum Ground Mounting System

Dec 31, 2020

CP-KC-W Aluminum Ground Mounting System is sold well all over the world. The design of cement foundation makes the installation of the solar racking not limited by the properties of soil.

CP-KC-W Aluminum Ground Mounting System

Features of CP-KC Ground Mounting System

1. Easy installation. Most of the parts can be pre-assembled on factory, which not only can save your install time, but also your cost.

2. Professional customized design. Load-bearing, wind resistance and seismic resistance has been given sufficient consideration. All of these functions have been tested extremely, which will ensure the safety of the system.

3. Flexibility. Considering the construction error, the structure has been well-design that make it can adjust flexibly.

4. 10-Year Warranty. 10-year warranty for the mounting system, extended service life

CP-KC-W Aluminum Ground Mounting System

CP-KC-W Aluminum Ground Mounting System

Project capability: 88.5KW
Production: CP-KC-W Aluminum Ground Mounting System
Delivery time: Within 3 weeks receiving the advance payment
Project location: Canada

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