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Corigy Balcony Mounting Kit for Solar Panels

A balcony solar mounting hook, also known as a balcony solar module bracket or balcony solar mounting system, is a device designed to securely mount solar panels on a balcony or railing. These brackets are specifically created for situations where traditional roof or ground-mounted solar installations are not feasible, such as in apartments, condominiums, or urban environments with limited space.
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Balcony Solar System Mounting Bracket

A balcony solar module bracket or balcony solar mounting hook is a device used to secure and mount solar panels on a balcony or railing. It is designed to safely and securely hold the solar panels in place while maximizing sunlight exposure for optimal energy generation.

apartment adjustable solar balcony mount

Product Name

Balcony Solar System Mounting Hook

Mount Location


Mount Angle

Vertical on the floor

Snow Load


Applicable Solar Panels

Framed Panels

Solar Panel Layout

Horizontal Panel Installation

Design Standard

AS/NZS 1170 , DIN 1055 ,JIS C8955 2017  

Rack Material

Al6005-T5 (Surface Anodic Oxidation

Fastener Material


Warranty Period

10 years  

Service Life

25 years

Loading Port

Xiamen Port,China


The application of balcony solar module brackets enables individuals to take advantage of solar power generation and enjoy the benefits of renewable energy. Here are some key applications and advantages of using balcony solar module brackets:

1. Utilization of unused space: Balconies are often unused or underutilized spaces. Installing solar modules on them allows you to take advantage of this space to generate clean, renewable energy without occupying additional land or roof space.
2. Energy self-sufficiency: By installing solar modules on the balcony, you can generate your own electricity and reduce your dependence on the grid. This can potentially lower your energy bills and protect you from rising energy costs.
3. Cost Savings: Using solar energy can help reduce electricity bills as the generated power can be used to offset the energy consumed from the grid. Over time, this can lead to significant cost savings, especially as electricity prices continue to rise.

house balcony hook installation

 1. Residential Use: Homeowners living in apartments or houses with limited roof space can install a solar panel mounting hook on their balcony to generate renewable energy. The solar panels can power appliances, lighting, or charge small devices, reducing reliance on traditional grid electricity and lowering energy costs.
 2. Urban Spaces: This aluminum alloy balcony solar panel support can be utilized in urban areas with limited open spaces for solar installations. Balconies in high-rise buildings, condos, or commercial spaces can be equipped with solar panels, making use of otherwise unused or unproductive spaces.

residential apartment balcony solar mounting hook

3. Off-Grid Applications: Balcony solar mounting hooks can be used for off-grid applications such as remote cabins, campsites, or mobile homes. The solar panels mounted on balconies can provide a reliable and sustainable power source in areas without access to the electrical grid.

4. Community Projects: Install solar panel on balcony can be part of community-driven initiatives, such as installing them on shared balconies in apartment complexes. These projects foster collective solar power generation, helping communities become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This moveable balcony solar mount can be packed in a standard box, suitable for retailers or eBay, Amazon sellers.

balcony solar bracket seller


Corigy Solar has been focusing on manufacturing and design solar mounting bracket for more than 10 years. Corigy's products have been installed and used in more than 30 countries and regions, with a total installed capacity of more than 8GW. After the construction is completed, all projects are completed by the official acceptance team, and they are currently officially put into operation.
In terms of selection, Corigy is based on the principle of highest quality. The bracket uses high-quality main materials high-grade anode aluminum Al6500-T5. The surface uses anode oxidation 12-15mic. Excellent anti-corrosive rust and anti-rust performance ensures its 30-year service life. At the same time, the characteristics of aluminum lightweight reduces the weight of the roof and make it safe and reliable. The maximum wind speed can carry 60m/s, and the snow load capacity is 1.4kn/㎡.
All bracket solutions of Corigy are calculated based on the live conditions environment. Corigy's advanced technical team conducted a force analysis of the structure of the building, combined with the layout of  the bracket and photovoltaic components to verify the various feasible bracket installation solutions to determine the most efficient, convenient, safe and reliable solution.

solar panel support seller

OEM solar bracket factory

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Product Categories
Balcony Mounting System

Install solar panel on balcony fence by Corigy balcony hooks

RV Mounting System

Portable easy install solar panel mounting bracket for RV or yacht

Solar Mounting Accessories

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Install solar panels on tile roof by hooks and L foot etc.

Metal Roof Mounting System

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Ground Mounting System

Mainly made by galvanized steel, anodized aluminum and ZAM materials

Carport Mounting System

Carbon Steel Solar Carport Mounting Structure

Grounding Screw

Grounding screw for ground mounting structure

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.