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CORIGY SOLAR continues to pursue perfection -- such as packaging

Nov 20, 2020

CORIGY SOLAR attaches great importance to details, not only the quality of products, but also the packaging.

solar mounting solutions

Many people will ignore the packaging of products, but in fact, it is very important for goods that need to be transported across the country. Because suitable and neat packaging not only looks beautiful, but also protects the goods better. SoCORIGY SOLAR has always been very concerned about this detail.

Solar Panel Mounts packaging

Also CORIGY SOLA Rattached great importance to customer’srequirement.Combined with the needs of customers,CORIGY SOLAR can provide a special packaging.

For example, some customers are located in countries with heavy snow. CORIGY SOLAR will use transparent and waterproof packaging to protect products and facilitate customer inspection.And each pallet does not exceed 500kg, which reducing the load of vehicles and ensuring safe transportation in snow.

CORIGY SOLAR solar products packaging

No matter what your needs, CORIGYSOLAR will tryourbest to satisfy.

Because your recognition is our biggest motivation.

CORIGY SOLAR more efficient and flexible solar mounting solutions waiting for you here!CONTACT US!
Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department
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Product Categories
Ground Mounting System

Mainly made by galvanized steel, anodized aluminum and ZAM materials

Flat Roof mounting System

Suitable for tile roof, tin roof and flat roof etc

Metal Roof Mounting System

Suitable for water surface installation

Tile Roof Mounting System

Waterproof carport, made by carbon steel or aluminum material

Solar Accessories

Supply OEM service and accessories. No quantities limitation, and free samples if you need

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