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Health, production and delivery -- CORIGY SOLAR attaches great importance

Mar 09, 2020

Dear business partners

Because of the epidemic, many countries are lockdown. We are all together facing many challenges that change daily and have a strong impact on our business.

Our good ability to deliver is made possible not least by very loyal, cooperative supplier relationships. And also thanks to the support of our factory and purchase department we have stable material sourcing and good production.

We follow the developments around the Covid-19 very closely and have taken appropriate precautions to protect our employees. Every day we conduct temperature tests for our employees and each one is wearing masks during production to maintain a certain safety distance.

Among other things, we have introduced a strict shift system in our warehouse and our administrative staff are mobile and work from home. This ensures that you can still reach your contacts at the usual times and that your orders are delivered.
We can guarantee our very good production capability and delivery capability for you and at the same time reduce the risk of infection for all parties involved.

Our common goal must be to slow down the spread of the disease so that as few people as possible fall ill and the health care system can deal with the current situation well.
If you have any questions regarding your order or project planning, please do not hesitate to contact us!
With kind regards

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Above news from CORIGY SOLAR Sales & Marketing department
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Ground Mounting System

Mainly made by galvanized steel, anodized aluminum and ZAM materials

Flat Roof mounting System

Suitable for tile roof, tin roof and flat roof etc

Metal Roof Mounting System

Suitable for water surface installation

Tile Roof Mounting System

Waterproof carport, made by carbon steel or aluminum material

Solar Accessories

Supply OEM service and accessories. No quantities limitation, and free samples if you need

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