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How to choose a solar panel structure to ensure the safety of photovoltaic power stations

Nov 04, 2022

As a structure that supports panels and other electrical components, solar panel structure is like the "skeleton" of photovoltaic power stations. The quality plays a vital role in the safety and stability of the entire photovoltaic power plant. During the construction of photovoltaic power stations, how should we choose the appropriate solar panel structure to better ensure the safety of photovoltaic power plants?

1. Material selection

The selection of solar energy structure is fundamental. High -quality materials can ensure the strength and stability of the bracket. At present, the most common materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, magnesium -plated aluminum zinc, etc. At the same time, different surface treatment methods will be used to obtain corresponding corrosion resistance and increase the overall service life of photovoltaic power stations.

Corigys structure usually adopt AL-6005-T5 anodized aluminum, Q235B hot-dip galvanizing steel or Al-Mg-Zn coated steel. Both of them are all have a good anti-corrosive performance.

2. Install method

In different application scenarios, solar panels build structure have different installation and fixed methods. For example, the ground photovoltaic system has fixed methods such as cement pile foundation, prefabricated pile foundation, spiral ground piles, and hammers into ground piles. The roof photovoltaic system adopts different fixed methods according to the type of roof. Regardless of the application scenario, according to the characteristics of the installation location, the photovoltaic system and the environment must be scientifically fused to ensure that the system has sufficient strength and stability.

3. Structural design

Excellent structural design can ensure the strength and stability of the photovoltaic system, and to withstand wind, snow load and other external effects. Through the scientific structural design, the system's tensile strength is high and has high plasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance, so that the structure has a strong ability to resist external environment changes.

Corigys engineer team have rich project experience and has designed for 50MW, 120MW, 240MW and other large projects.

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