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How to install photovoltaic solar panel mounting for different types of roof?

Sep 07, 2020

1. Cement/concrete roof

Cement is usually used as the foundation of solar panel mounting systems on flat roof. The production of general cement foundation requires accurate statistics of the annual average wind speed and wind direction in different seasons of the project site, and calculate the positive and negative wind pressure. Then the counterweight of cement foundation is calculated by wind pressure. Cement briquettes with the same size are pre-processed and then transported to the site for installation.

Corigy Solar can not only design the flat roof solar racking according to the various conditions provided by customers, but also provide the service of calculating the weight of cement block. The accurate calculation of solar mounting system solutions can design a stable solar panel mounting brackets at the most cost-effective condition.

solar panel mounting systems on flat roof

2. Metal/Tin roof

Metal/Tin roof is generally used in light steel structure buildings, which are often seen in standardized workshops and warehouses. The material used for the roof is steel sheet formed by cold pressing or cold rolling.Generally, it uses snap, buckle, lock and other non penetrating for installation.The use of clamps will not cause roof leakage or damage to the overall structure.

Corigy Solar has various clamps, suitable for most metal roof solar mounting systems, and we can also provide customized services to produce the clamps you need.

metal roof solar mounting systems

3. Tile roof structure

Tile roof is commonly seen in civil buildings. For the tile inclined roof, the installation method is generally to uncover the tiles, install special hooks below, and then cover the tiles back.

Corigy Solar has rich types of popular hooks on the market, which meets the installation requirements of most tile roofs.Moreover,the installation design is beautiful and simple, and does not affect the structure of the roof.

roof PV mounting solutions

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