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How to reduce the impact of flood on solar panel mounting system

Nov 24, 2021

Under the influence of inclement weather, solar panel mounting system in some areas suffered different degrees of damage. Some solar panel brackets are damaged due to design or quality problems during construction. And some solar panel brackets are damaged because of not take adequate protection measures.How to reduce the impact of flood on solar panel mounting system.

1.Before construction: first of all, select the installation site carefully. Fully examine factors such as topographical conditions, hidden dangers of geological disasters, sunshine resources, hydrological conditions, transportation conditions and power transmission conditions, etc. These factors will directly affect the installation height of solar ground mount structures. At the same time, choose the rust prevention materials of the solar ground mount structures and design it stability. For rust prevention material, Corigy provide hot-dip galvanized steel, Zn-Al-Mg coating steel and Al6005-T5 aluminum which all have a good anti-rust performance.

2.During construction: Design and construct the solar mounting brackets according to the hydrological conditions. Raise the foundation or heighten the support appropriately. Corigy can provide free design service with suitable height to customer. Solar panel mounting systems should also pay attention to drainage to prevent damage to the photovoltaic power stations due to rainwater soaking.

Solar panel mounting systems

3. During operation and maintenance: Pay attention to the weather conditions in time. Add temporary drainage facilities before the arrival of heavy rainfall. Also, strengthen management and inspections and deal with it in time if abnormal equipment is found.

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