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Is An Off Grid Solar System Worth It?

May 06, 2022

Advantages of off grid solar system

1. Freedom from the grid

This is the main reason why people in blackout-prone regions are trend to use off-grid solar. When connected to the grid, you are dependent on an external supplier — the utility company — for all your power. When the grid shuts off, so does your power supply. But if you install off-grid solar system, it can separate your reliance to the grid.

2. Save Electric Bills

The system can also allows you escape from the rapidly increasing price of the electricity.

3. Environmental friendly

Going off-grid will reduces carbon emissions. Since most of the electricity supplied through the grid comes from burning fossil fuels. Solar energy is a renewable energy, it has not pollution when producing electricity.

off grid solar system

For households in areas without grid or frequent power outages, off-grid systems have strong practicality. However, the off-grid system must be equipped with a battery and occupy 30-50% of the cost of the power generation system. Economically, it is difficult to be widely used now. However, with the sharp reduction in the price of energy storage batteries and the diversification of energy storage system equipment, off grid solar systems will become more and more popular in the future.

What Size Off Grid Solar System Do We Have?

Corigy has design different size of off grid solar system for different family. We have 2-3KW for small family; 3.5-5KW for medium family; 10-15KW for large family use, etc.

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