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Why Solar Mounting Systems Important?

Mar 26, 2021

As an important part of a photovoltaic power station, the photovoltaic mounting bracket has directly affected the operation safety, damage rate and construction investment of photovoltaic modules.

Although the bracket occupies a small proportion of the entire photovoltaic system (only 5%-10%), it carries the entire power station. Once the bracket is damaged, it will destroy the normal operation of the entire system, and even cause permanent damage to the power station. Excellent design will undoubtedly give the power station an extra layer of protection.

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The collapse of photovoltaic power plants caused by heavy snowfall or wind speed has occurred frequently in the industry. The major reason is the lack of support design of these power stations and the use of inferior materials.

As a qualified supplier of photovoltaic mounting bracket, Corigy will consider the following issues in the process of designing for customers in addition to provide high-quality materials

1. The wind speed and snow load vary greatly from place to place. At the same time, the design of the bracket needs to be combined with the actual situation on the site. Therefore, it is very important to collect project location information from customer before designing.

2. The installation angle will affect the power generation efficiency of the power station. As long as the customer provides the latitude and longitude of the installation site, Corigy's engineers can calculate the angle of the best power generation efficiency.

3. In addition, the design of the photovoltaic mounting bracket needs to consider the construction, and it must be easy to install. Reasonable photovoltaic mounting bracket design can increase installation efficiency by 10%-30%.

4. The design of photovoltaic bracket needs to consider the optimal cost.

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