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Where is the best place for home inverter to install?

Sep 16, 2022

Solar power inverter can convert the variable DC voltage produced by solar panels to AC frequency of mains frequency. It can be fed back to the commercial transmission system or for use in off-grid grids. Solar power inverter is one of the important balance of system (BOS) in solar system, which can be used with general AC power supply equipment. Solar inverters have special functions for solar power system, such as maximum power point tracking and islanding protection.

Where is the best place for home inverter to installed?

1. Installed on the mounting structure

The installation scheme of common ground distributed projects can be installed under a certain string of components nearby. And the equipment can be directly fixed on the column using fixed bracket installation or hoop-type installation. This solution requires the strength of the bracket and the height of the solar power inverter from the ground, so as to prevent the equipment from being placed too low to flood in rainy days.

2. Installed on the roof

For every 10 increase in ambient temperature, the life of electronic devices is halved. For this type of installation, if the inverter is exposed to the hot sun for a long time, the internal temperature of the inverter will increase greatly, which will seriously affect the life of the key components of the inverter. It is recommended to add a awning to the inverter to avoid direct sunlight.

The vertical installation of the inverter on the flat roof will cause shadows, so when installing the equipment, try to install the components outside the shadow range of the inverter to avoid shadowing of the components.

3. Install on the wall

The PV inverter must be placed in a well-ventilated space. The inverter is divided into two types: forced air cooling and natural heat dissipation. The inverter itself is a heat source, and all the heat must be dissipated in time and cannot be placed in a closed space, otherwise the temperature will rise higher and higher. There should have enough space to install and move the inverter. There should be at least a 50cm space above and below the inverter. The inverter that enters and exits the air from the left and right should be a space distance of more than 100cm on both sides. When installing, it should be at a suitable height from the ground so that the LED display can be observed and read.

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