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Impact of pitch on solar PV

Sep 22, 2022

The angle of which the solar panel mounting system are pitched is important. Not only does it affect the panel to get the highest efficiency, but also cause the power generation loss of the panel.

Problems with flat installation

The flat installation mentioned here does not necessarily mean that the installation surface has an absolute zero inclination. Usually, the installation with an inclination angle of less than 10 degrees is understood as a flat installation.

Most of the photovoltaic modules installed flat have a problem, that is, the lower edge of the frame is easy to accumulate dust. And it cannot be discharged with rainwater, so it must be actively cleaned regularly.

The fundamental reason for the accumulation of dust on the lower edge of the frame is that the inclination angle is too low, and the horizontal height of the frame has been higher than the glass at the cell, resulting in the inability of the muddy water to be effectively discharged. When the water evaporates, thick mud is left behind. This thick layer of mud will seriously affect the power generation of the blocked cells, and also affect the entire string of cells. The power generation loss of the modules will exceed 50%.

Usually, when the inclination angle is greater than 10 degrees, it is steep enough to allow the muddy water to drain, at least not to block the glass on the surface of the cell. Therefore, most component manufacturers will recommend installation at an inclination angle greater than 10 degrees.

However, the inclination of most color steel tile roofs is between 3-8 degrees. The brackets are generally installed parallel to the roof. If you want to avoid this problem, then the following design of Corigy is your best choose.

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