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Why choose ground-driven pile solution?

Jun 02, 2021

The ground-driven pile is an adjustable ground mount solar rack solution developed to solve the situation that it is impossible or inconvenient to make concrete foundation due to topographic irregularity, and has been applied more and more widely.

Compared with traditional ground solar panel mounting brackets, its advantages are becoming more and more significant.

--Strong adaptability: It is available to use flat, mountain or sloping land. And the angle can be adjusted according to the needs of the project. Construction is not restricted by the season

--Convenient installation: hot-dip galvanized pile more stronger, quick installation, use pile driver to drive the foundation pile into the ground, the average driving time is 30-75s, shorten the construction period, and the foundation is easy to adjust the height during the pile driving process

--Cost-saving: use pile driver construction to reduce construction costs; larger spans can reduce the number of foundations, thereby reducing costs

--Green environmental protection: Drive steel piles into the soil with pile driver, no need to excavate the ground, which more environmentally friendly.

CORIGY SOLAR formulates the optimal ground-driven pile solution according to the characteristics of different terrains and environments to improve the reliability and stability of the systems, so that reduce costs and ensure the return on investment of the power station.

CORIGY SOLAR's ground-driven pile solutions has the following types:

1. Single pile and single support mounting solution

① Large-span design can be realized, reducing the number of piles.

②Single pile and single support design which greatly reducing costs.

Fast construction, effectively reducing the manpower and time required for installation.

CORIGY SOLAR's ground-driven pile solutions

2. Single pile double support mounting solution

①Suitable for medium and large commercial power stations, also available for flat, mountain, or sloping land.

②Single pile design, obvious cost advantage.

③According to the characteristics of the project, the angle adjustment in the east-west direction can be realized.

CORIGY SOLAR's ground-driven pile solutions

3. Double-pile mounting solution

①Applicable to areas with complex terrain and harsh weather conditions such as wind pressure and snow pressure.

②Integrated design of piles and columns, with few main components, quick and convenient installations.

③Flexible installation system, adjustable in east-west, north-south directions, and adjustable pile height.

CORIGY SOLAR ground-driven pile solution has assisted many large-scale power station projects in many countries, such as Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, and is continuing to develop new markets. In the future, CORIGY SOLAR will also continue to R&D convenient, fast, stable, reliable, innovative, and efficient mounting solutions, guarantee the revenue of the power station system with excellent product quality and all-around high-quality services to create benefit for our customers.

CORIGY SOLAR's ground-driven pile solutions

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