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Solar mounting system in different roof

Jun 09, 2021

The installation environment of roof photovoltaic support includes slope roof and flat roof. The solar panel roof mounts must conform to the roof environment without destroying the inherent structure and self-waterproof system. Roofing materials include glazed tiles, color steel tiles, linoleum tiles, concrete surfaces, etc. Different roof mounting brackets are adopted for different roofing materials.

The roof is divided into slope and plane according to the inclination angle. Therefore, there are many solar mountings for the inclination angle of the roof photovoltaic system. For the slope roof, it is usually arranged in a flat way to conform to the roof slope, and it can also be arranged at a certain inclination angle to the roof. ; For flat roofs, there are two options: tiled and inclined at a certain angle.

There are different bracket systems for different roofing materials.

1. Tile roof bracket

Glazed tiles are building materials made of soft and hard materials such as alkaline earth and purple sand after being extruded and plastic pressed. The material is brittle and has poor load-bearing capacity. When installing the bracket, a specially designed main support member is generally fixed to the lower roof of the glazed tile to support the main beam and cross beam of the bracket. The supporting member such as the connecting plate is usually designed in an open pattern to achieve flexible and effective adjustment of the position of the bracket. The components and the beam are crimped with aluminum alloy pressure blocks.

solar panel roof mounts

2. Metal roof bracket

Metal plates are steel formed by cold pressing or cold rolling of thin steel plates. The steel plate adopts organic coating thin steel plate (or color steel plate), galvanized thin steel plate, anti-corrosion thin steel plate (including asbestos asphalt layer) or other thin steel plate.

Special-shaped steel plate has the advantages of light unit weight, high strength, good seismic performance, fast construction, and beautiful appearance. It is a good building material and component.

Roof color tiles are usually divided into: standing seam type, bite type (angle type) type, buckle type (concealed buckle type) and fixed connection (open nail type) type.

When installing the photovoltaic system on the metal roof, the shape of the metal roof and its load-bearing capacity should be fully considered to determine the fixing method of the bracket. The fixing method of the color steel plate tile bracket is mainly determined according to the shape of the metal roof.

photovoltaic system

3. Concrete roof bracket

The concrete roof photovoltaic support is generally fixed at a fixed inclination angle, and it can also be laid out in a flat manner. The type of roof fixing method is mainly fixed by concrete foundation and standardized fixed connectors.

concrete roof photovoltaic support

The solar mount is a very important part of the photovoltaic power station. It carries the main body of the photovoltaic power station. If the design is unreasonable, an accident in a disaster climate will have a fatal impact on the power station. Therefore, in the design process, various factors need to be considered comprehensively to finally determine the selection of the bracket and the layout of the array.

CORIGY SOLAR's roof mounting system has assisted many large-scale power station projects in many countries, such as Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, and is continuing to develop new markets. In the future, CORIGY SOLAR will also continue to R&D convenient, fast, stable, reliable, innovative, and efficient mounting solutions, guarantee the revenue of the power station system with excellent product quality and all-around high-quality services to create benefit for our customers.

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