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Why Solar Carport System Popular?

May 14, 2021

The solar photovoltaic carport is the combination of photovoltaic power generation and the roof of the carport. This is the simplest combination of photovoltaic and building. It can not only realize all the functions of the traditional carport, but also bring power generation income to the owner. Generally, steel structure brackets are used, which are simple, generous, fashionable, beautiful, and are clean and environmentally friendly new energy sources, which can effectively alleviate the social environmental and energy pressures.

The photovoltaic carport brings benefits while saving energy:

Investing in the construction of photovoltaic carports has changed the single role of traditional carports. The photovoltaic carport can not only provide sunshade and shelter from the rain, but also generate revenue from power generation and achieve a win-win situation for social and environmental benefits.

As a distributed photovoltaic project (or as a part of it), the photovoltaic carport is combined with charging piles and new energy electric vehicles. It uses photovoltaic modules installed on the roof to generate electricity, which is stored in the battery through a charging device or directly supplied for electric vehicle charging. , Spontaneous self-use, and even surf the Internet with the remaining power.

CORIGY Solar, as a professional solar mounting supplier in China, has numerous cases at home and abroad, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. It has provided solar photovoltaic carport solutions and system equipment for Canada, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Tanzania, Zambia and other countries.

solar mounting supplier in China

As an economical, environmentally friendly and fashionable building integration supporting project, what are the characteristics of the solar photovoltaic carport?

1.Features of photovoltaic carport

Good heat absorption

Low cost, convenient installation and good flexibility

Make full use of the original site to provide green and environmentally friendly energy

2.Types of photovoltaic carports

By location: home, company, shopping mall, large parking lot

By style: classic, simple, modern, retro, cool

By parking category: battery car/bicycle, car, bus/bus

By function: ordinary carport, smart carport (supporting charging pile, energy storage system, etc.)

According to the column form: C type, H type, L type, M type, N type, T type, V type, W type, X type, Y type, IV type, VI type

According to the number of columns: single column, double column, multiple column

According to the bracket category: steel structure, aluminum alloy

3.The composition of the solar photovoltaic carport system

It is mainly composed of a support system, a battery component array, a lighting and control inverter system, a charging device system, and a lightning protection and grounding system. The support system mainly includes support columns, diagonal beams fixed between the support columns, purlins connected to the diagonal beams to support the solar cell module array, and fasteners to fix the battery module array.

solar mounting supplier in China

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