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Corigy Single Pole Standard Four Cars Park Solar Energy Shed

The primary purpose of a solar steel carport is to provide shade and protection for vehicles parked underneath it. The steel frame provides durability and structural support, making it capable of withstanding various weather. The roof of the carport is typically made of solar panels, which harness the sun's energy and convert it into electricity.
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Corigy Galvanized Steel Four Cars Solar EV Charging Station Canopy for Home

Solar steel carports have several benefits. They offer a convenient solution for vehicle owners, as they provide covered parking and simultaneously generate renewable energy. The solar panels can offset the energy consumption of the vehicles or even feed excess electricity back into the grid, potentially leading to cost savings on electricity bills.

dual tilt solar carport

Product Name

Solar Carport for 4 Cars

Mount Location


Mount Base

Cement Block

Mount Angle

5 Degrees

Wind Load


Snow Load


Applicable Solar Panels


Solar Panel Layout

Horizontal Panel Installation

Design Standard

AS/NZS 1170 , DIN 1055 ,JIS C8955 2017  

Rack Material


Surface Treatment

Hot Dip Galvanized, Zn-Al-Mg Coated, Painting 

Mounting Accessories Material


Column color

Silver, White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Customized

Warranty Period

10 years  

Service Life

25 years

Loading Port

Xiamen Port,China

high rise solar carport

You can down the product datasheet here "Product Datasheet Download"


Are solar carports worth it?

Solar carports can be a worthwhile investment depending on various factors such as location, needs, and available space. Here are some key points to consider when evaluating the worth of solar carports:
1. Energy production: Solar carports provide an opportunity to generate clean, renewable energy from the sun. They can help offset electricity consumption from the grid, resulting in potential cost savings over time. The amount of energy produced depends on factors like the size of the carport, panel efficiency, and sunlight availability in your area.
2. Cost savings: By generating your own electricity, solar carports can reduce or eliminate your reliance on traditional grid power. This can result in reduced energy bills, especially if you have high electricity consumption or live in an area with high electricity rates.
3. Sustainability benefits: Solar carports contribute to a greener environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with conventional electricity generation. By producing clean energy, you lower your carbon footprint and support the transition to a more sustainable future.
4. Parking shade: Solar carports not only produce electricity but also provide shade for parked vehicles. This can help protect cars from direct sunlight, which can extend their lifespan and improve passenger comfort.
5. Space utilization: Carports with integrated solar panels take advantage of unused space, converting it into a productive energy-generating asset. If you have limited rooftop space or can't install panels on your roof due to structural limitations, a solar carport can be a viable alternative.

Black solar carport schletter

long span solar carport structure supplier

galvanized steel solar carport

single pole steel solar carport


Corigy Solar has been focusing on manufacturing and design solar mounting bracket for more than 10 years. Corigy's products have been installed and used in more than 30 countries and regions, with a total installed capacity of more than 8GW. After the construction is completed, all projects are completed by the official acceptance team, and they are currently officially put into operation.
In terms of selection, Corigy is based on the principle of highest quality. The bracket uses high-quality main materials high-grade anode aluminum Al6500-T5. The surface uses anode oxidation 12-15mic. Excellent anti-corrosive rust and anti-rust performance ensures its 30-year service life. At the same time, the characteristics of aluminum lightweight reduces the weight of the roof and make it safe and reliable. The maximum wind speed can carry 60m/s, and the snow load capacity is 1.4kn/㎡.
All bracket solutions of Corigy are calculated based on the live conditions environment. Corigy's advanced technical team conducted a force analysis of the structure of the building, combined with the layout of  the bracket and photovoltaic components to verify the various feasible bracket installation solutions to determine the most efficient, convenient, safe and reliable solution.

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Product Categories
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RV Mounting System

Portable easy install solar panel mounting bracket for RV or yacht

Solar Mounting Accessories

Solar mounting accessories such as end/mid clamp, cable clip, grounding items, etc.

Flat Roof Mounting System

Flat roof solar panel mounting system, such as ballast mount, east-west ballast mount, etc.

Tile Roof Mounting System

Install solar panels on tile roof by hooks and L foot etc.

Metal Roof Mounting System

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