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How many solar panels does it take to run a house off grid?

Mar 31, 2022

When you are preparing to install a off-grid solar energy system on your house, the first question you may think is How many panel will I need?

The quantity of solar panels that will be needed is depends on the your electricity consumption, the average daily sunlight on your place, and watt number of each panel.

To calculate exactly how many panels your home needs, you need to decide the power of the system that you will use.

Firstly, you need to do is calculate how much power you will need. You need to adding up the power needed to run of all appliance in your house.This is an essential step to make sure that you have enough battery storage and solar panels to run all appliances in your house.

After you calculate the wattage of each appliances in your house, estimate the time that you will need to run it for each day. It’s always best to think of worst-case scenarios, for example if the light need to run 3 hours in summer, but 6 hours in winter, record it as 6 hours. And also  consider the maximum you may need in the future. Then you can use this formula “Power x Time = watt hours”to work out the watt hours required each day.

While you’re calculating the number of panels you need, it’s important to size up the other components such as battery bank. Because it will affect the size of your solar array.

The battery bank you need is depends on how long it will be needed to back up your system. This will depend on your local climate, your situation, and what other backups you have available, etc.

How long you want to be able to run your house from battery power only is called battery backup. It usually needed during the night or at times with little sunshine. A standard backup time is between 3 to 5 days, but it can be more or less. The longer you want to be able to back up your system for, the larger battery bank you will need.

To decide the number of the panels you need, you must decide the wattage of the individual panels first. Panels have various power ratings, so you can choose the suitable one for your house. Make sure that the shape and size of the area you plan to install the panel is enough for your panel number.

solar energy system for home

If you think its complex to calculate, Corigy can provide a full system to you. Below are some examples for your reference:

1. Small Size Family

Power consumption 2Kwh,back up 5 days.

You can choose our 2KW Off-Grid Power Storage System. This system equipped with 6pcs of 370W solar panel and 2pcs of 5.12Kwh battery

2. Medium Size Family

Power consumption 4Kwh,back up 5 days.

You can choose our 5KW Off-Grid Power Storage System. This system equipped with 14pcs of 370W solar panel and 4pcs of 5.12Kwh battery

3. Large Size Family

Power consumption 8Kwh,back up 5 days.

You can choose our 10KW Off-Grid Power Storage System. This system equipped with 28pcs of 370W solar panel and 8pcs of 5.12Kwh battery

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