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The benefits of install power storage system

Dec 21, 2021

In recent years, with the decline in photovoltaic subsidies in various countries and the decline in investment income of pure photovoltaic projects, solar power storage system have become the choice of more and more people. According to different applications, solar power storage system can be divided into off-grid power storage systems, on-grid power storage system and hybrid power storage systems.

The power storage system is composed of photovoltaic array,  inverter, battery pack, load, power grid, etc. When there is sunshine, the photovoltaic array converts solar energy into electric energy. Then supplies power to the load and charge the battery pack through the inverter. When there is no sunshine, the battery and the grid supply power to the AC load.

off-grid power storage systems

Working mode of Corigy power storage system:

1. Generate electricity for your own use mode. Suitable for areas with low subsidies and high electricity prices.

When there is sun during the day, the energy from the solar panels is supplied to the load first, and the excess energy is first supplied to the battery for charging, and then sold to the grid.

When the solar panel is not generating power at night, the battery is discharged to the load first, and when the stored electricity of the battery is used up, the grid will supply power to the load.

2. Time mode: It is suitable for areas with a large difference in electricity prices between peaks and valleys. By setting the charging and discharging period of the battery, peak shaving and valley filling can be carried out to earn the peak and valley electricity price difference. The larger the price difference, the higher the corresponding income.

When the electricity price is cheap, the load uses the electricity from the grid and at the same time stores the electricity generated by the solar panels.

During periods of high electricity prices, the load uses battery power first.

3. Standby power supply mode: suitable for areas with frequent power outages. When the power grid is out of power, it can be used as a backup power supply.

In this mode, when the grid is connected, the battery will always be in a charged state and will not be discharged. When the grid is out of power, the battery will be discharged for use by the load. When the power grid is restored, it will be automatically connected to the grid.

4. Off-grid mode: suitable for areas without grid access.

In areas where there is no grid connection, the solar panel supplies power to the load during the day, the excess electricity is stored in the battery, and the battery discharges to supply power to the load at night.

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