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How to build a small off grid solar system

Jun 08, 2022

The solar off-grid system is used in remote places far away from the public power grid. It has a wide range of uses, from residential electricity, traffic lights, to communications, emergency power supplies, etc., solving the problem of inability to supply power in remote areas. Small off grid solar system are mainly used for residential electricity consumption, and generally consist of a set of several solar module.

small off grid solar system

How to build a small off grid solar system

1. Lightweight materials: Off-grid systems often take a long time to transport before reaching the user. In order to facilitate transportation, weight reduction is the first condition. Therefore, aluminum brackets have significant advantages in off-grid systems. Corigys mounting structure adopt Al6005-T5 aluminum which is lightweight and easy for transport.

2. Frugal use of materials.

3. Easy to install. The variety and number of installation tools must be minimized. In some areas, such as Tibet, China, herdsmen need to move frequently, and the brackets are as easy to load and unload as possible.

4. Adapt to local conditions: The installation site of each off-grid system project places different requirements on the brackets. So before engineer designing, we will do a research on your project. After that Corigys professional engineer team can fully consider the geographical environment and the needs of users when designing brackets.

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