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What are the factors affecting power generation of solar energy system

Jun 02, 2022

1. Equipment

The main equipment affecting power generation in solar energy system includes solar cell modules, combiner boxes, inverters and grid-connected infrastructure.

In the process of selecting modules for power station construction, it is necessary to continuously optimize and match, mix A-class and B-class solar cells, and consider the quality of the modules at the same time. It is necessary to fully consider the influence of actual operating conditions such as latitude, spectrum, temperature, shading, location, wiring, etc. on the output of photovoltaic cells.

The inverter is the only device in the solar energy system that can increase power generation except for solar modules. And it is expected to increase the power generation efficiency by up to 10%. So choose the high quantity inverter is important.

2. Optimized design

The goal of system optimization is to make the amount of electricity generated by the solar energy system maximum mainly by checking the actual installation of sunlight intensity, light reflectance, external ambient temperature, etc.

When designing the system, factors such as the shadow of the system, the installation orientation and the system configuration need to be considered. Among them, the shadow of the photovoltaic system will affect the efficiency of the system, and produce a heat pulse effect, shortening the life of the solar modules.

3. Engineering Quality

The project party needs to avoid the phenomenon of delaying the construction period. It is necessary to select suitable and qualified auxiliary materials to ensure the quality of the project and avoid unnecessary power generation losses. Regular maintenance and supervision are carried out to ensure the normal operation of photovoltaic power plants.

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