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How to reduce the impact of gale on photovoltaic mounting system

Jul 23, 2021

In recent years, under the influence of extreme weather, strong winds have appeared in many places, causing great losses to solar panel racking system. How to reduce the impact of high winds on solar panel mounting brackets

solar panel racking system

First of all, wind speed should be taken into consideration when designing photovoltaic mounting systems. The strength of the material, the angle and height of the bracket will affect the stability of the bracket.

The second is the basic construction of the solar racking system. There are cement foundations and pile foundations. These two methods should be selected according to installation requirements and geological soil conditions. For details, please refer to our article https://www.corigy.com/blog/How-to-choose-suitable-grounding-screw-for-your-solar-panel-ground-mounting-systems_b23

Third, in addition to the surrounding buildings or trees covering the location of the photovoltaic power station, it is more important to consider the basic conditions of the installation site. The topography of the site should be as flat as possible. Locations with good geological structure and hydrological conditions should be selected. And as far away as possible from faults, landslides, mudslides, and areas that are prone to flooding.

Finally, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the solar panel support frame to see whether the screws, fasteners and fasteners of the components are loose or damaged. If there are any, they need to be reinforced or replaced as soon as possible.

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