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The benefits of installing solar panel on the roof

Aug 19, 2021

Solar panel roof mounting systems is very popular. In 2020, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic roofs worldwide will reach 60GW. Installing solar roof rack system is not only a new trend, but can also bring benefits to companies and residential buildings.

Solar panel roof mounting systems

The principle of photovoltaic roof cooling

First of all, photovoltaic modules reflect heat. The light irradiates the solar photovoltaic module, part of them are absorbs by the photovoltaic module and converts into electric energy, and the other part is reflected by the photovoltaic module.

Secondly, the photovoltaic module refracts the sunlight, and the sunlight attenuates after the refraction

Finally, photovoltaic modules form a shelter on the roof. High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon modules and polycrystalline silicon modules can form a sheltered area on the roof to insulate and cool the roof.

According to the test of relevant professional institutions, the building with roof-mounted photovoltaic power station can lower the indoor temperature by 5-8 degrees than the building without installation.

Solar panel roof mounting systems


1. Cool down the physical temperature of the plant

The summer heat in the factory is unbearable, and the factory is often faced with power cuts, which seriously affects the factory's production schedule. The installation of solar photovoltaic can not only provide the power required for production to the factory, but also play a role in heat insulation and shading, and physically cool the plant.

2. Reduce enterprise energy consumption

The average temperature of a roof with solar panels in summer will be 2℃-4℃ lower than that of the unpaved roof. And the energy consumption of air-conditioning can be reduced by 30%-40%.

3. Improve the working environment of employees

After the plant temperature drops, it can greatly prevent workers from heatstroke, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.

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